The ART of hosting

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Providing a bed and a clean place is the goal of a host, but if you want to really have fun with being a guest, it’s fun to go big!

Think about creating an experience for your guests.  It feels so good to have our guests say how fun it was to have their own cool house for a weekend.  That is the point of hosting for us.  Create a cool fun place and then let them enjoy it like their own.

concrete islanddining to great room new

The little things that make your place special:

  • Have newer towels that all match and are folded perfectly.
  • Sheets and beds should be made tight and minimal wrinkles.
  • Fresh soap and shampoo bottles or containers that are clean and full.
  • Have art and mirrors on the walls
  • Create a welcome letter or book
  • Have local visitor information available
  • Make sure the house is spotless!  Not 1 hair in the bathroom, Not 1 crumb on the kitchen floor.  You get it.  It matters!

Want to do more?  Do it!

  • Provide quality coffee, tea and basic breakfast items
  • Provide a bottle of wine
  • Provide a gift certificate to your favorite hangout or coffee shop ($5-$10 isn’t much but it means alot to the guests and brings them to your local favorite business owners)
  • Have fresh flowers available
  • Grow a garden (small herbs or flowers) to add a personal touch
  • Make sure the grill and outdoor furniture is clean and add a tiki torch or outdoor lighting.


We are adding a mural to the backyard this week and creating bike sculptures in front of one of our houses.  It makes the neighborhood look nice and makes it easier for our guests to locate us.  We will share them when all finished!

2015-10-04 17.17.14


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