My first guest

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Yesterday I was preparing a place for some musicians stopping by on their way west from Nashville and I was thinking about how much I’ve learned about guests and hosting.


We decided to turn a house we remodeled into an Airbnb in 2012 when there wasn’t anyone else on Airbnb at the time.

I modified furniture, found some fun artwork at thrift stores, dug out extra dishes and cooking supplies that I wasn’t using and starting staging the house for guests.

OK so I had everything ready for our first guest and we welcomed them in and everything seemed great, until they left and I went to check on the house.  I couldn’t believe what I found.  The house was a mess and they had taken all of the supplies I had stocked at the house.  I couldn’t believe it.

Being on Airbnb gave me some great options for recourse, but because they were my first guests, I was too worried about my first review being a bad one so I bit the bullet and didn’t give them a review at all.

2015-10-04 17.17.14

Since then not only have I learned about hosting and communication but guests are much more experienced and considerate when using someones home.

We’ve hosted over 300 guests at our Laramie homes and our Steamboat condo and just a handful of guests have been difficult.  Most are amazing people and super considerate and appreciative.   We have guests coming back again and again and we are so happy to have them!

2017-02-13 15.39.27

We continue to update the properties and look forward to painting murals at the Art House this summer!


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